Domain name, also known as "Domain", is the name of your online store. Each domain name is actually a unique IP number. Choosing a domain name is one of the most important elements when entering the internet world. You should make sure that the domain name you choose is one that best represents you or your company.

The domain name you choose should not be too long. People should not have to misspell your domain name. It should be a simple, meaningful name that represents you. It is appropriate for companies to take a name with the company name and an addition that expresses the business it does. For example, if the company name is ABC and this company does energy business, a domain name such as is suitable. Having your business included in your domain name also contributes to your findability in search engines.

Another important issue after choosing the name is the choice of extension. While there used to be a few extensions, now there are hundreds.

The most well-known extension is .com, and although it was produced as a commercial domain name, it is now used for all types of sites. It means "commercial" in English.

.net is abbreviated from the word "network", which means network extension in English. It is suitable for network companies.

.org  It is used for organizations, associations, etc. The first three letters of the word "organization" are used.

.biz  This extension is abbreviated from the word "business"  which means business, trade.

.info  Extension means information. It is an abbreviation of the English word "information".

.pro  stands for Professional. It is short for the word "professional" in English.

.name  This extension is used for real names. It is derived from the English word "nickler".

.edu  is a domain name extension derived for educational institutions. It is short for "education". .gov  is the domain extension of government organizations. It is short for "government".

Apart from these, there are country extensions. Every country has an extension such as us for United States,  de for Germany and fr for France. Country extensions are often used alongside regular extensions, such as

It is important to get your domain name from a reliable company that is a member of ICAN accredited organizations. If individuals are purchasing your domain name on your behalf, you must acquire the domain name on your own behalf or on your company's behalf. Because when people disappear the next day, your domain name disappears too. As a result, a domain name is something that is rented, not purchased. The rental fee is paid every year. If this payment is not made, your domain name will become vacant and others can take it.